Winningest Programs in College Football

by George Nichols .

College football is one of the most fierce games played. The sound of the fans packing in their teams stadiums on a Saturday to watch their favorite teams do battle is an experience. Some of these teams have had a large amount of success while a select few have went down in history as being almost God like. We will look at a few of the teams that have had the largest number of wins in their schools history. These teams have been the most successful in amassing victories.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes have been successful to the tune of 885 wins. This is a very impressive feat that few teams have been able to even come close to. Last season the Buckeyes went 12-1 for the season and won impressively in the Fiesta Bowl over the Irish of Notre Dame. When 2016 arrived many wondered if the Buckeyes would still be at the same level that they were at last season and the answer to this question was very much a yes.

Nebraska Corhuskers

Nebraska has managed to take 889 victories in their time of existence. This has been one of the best performances from this team that has fallen off the national map in the past couple of seasons. The team has started to turn things around a little bit though. Last season, however, was not the case as the team did not have a season that they would be proud of. Then 2016 came along and it has been a whole new program as the team is back to their winning ways. If this keeps going, there is a chance that Nebraska will move up in the overall rankings for being the a team with the most overall wins team in college football.

Texas LongHorns

Tied with Nebraska, the spot for #3 may be at stake this weekend as it will be a matter of winning and losing. For Texas. Seeing as though this year is not exactly going all that well, it is possible that we will see Nebraska overtake Texas for the third spot. Texas under Mac Brown was a powerhouse, but ever since he retired, the team has been very lackluster to say the very least. This may be part of why fans are not as behind the team as they once were. The Pride of Texas needs a shot in the arm to return to the glory days that won them 889 games in the schools history.

Notre Dame

Here you have a school that is rich is history and has a proud tradition of upholding the winning ways for the school. When you play for the Irish, you are joining an elite group of men that have strapped up and taken to the football field to do battle with some of the best teams in the nation. In the schools history, they have managed to win a total of 896 games. This will put them four games away from that beloved 900 games won. This also means that they are in second by 38 games with Michigan. The next few seasons will prove to be interesting as both teams will be duking it out for that coveted #1 spot.

Michigan Wolverines

Michigan is a team that plays smash mouth football and takes no prisoners. It has always been that way and will continue to be that way for as long as the game is played. Michigan is a team that has been getting better and better over the years and will soon be an unstoppable force.