Best Coaches That Have Been Fired

by George Nichols .

Football is a brutal game with several coaches on each sideline.These coaches make a ton of money, but if they don’t performed are quickly let go. Even some of the best, but they normally don’t go unemployed for long. This article is a story of five schools that will deeply-regret firing their coaches and thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. There is no going back once a coach is let go, and they often need to stay around for the sake of the school.

#1: Mark Richt

Mark Richt was fired after 15 years at the University of Georgia where he won the SEC twice, nearly won a national title in the polls and won the SEC East a few times. He created a solid program that had great talent, but he never seemed to get over the hump. Fans screamed for his job for years until he was finally fired. He left almost immediately for his alma mater at Miami, and he has not looked back. Georgia does not look the same.

#2: Mack Brown

Mack Brown did not win enough national championships for the Texas boosters, and he had to go. The school has unrealistic expectations of their football to the point that Mack Brown was fired even though he was perennially-competitive. He is one of the best minds in college football, and he trained many fine assistants in his day. He owned the state of Texas, and he beat Oklahoma more often than not. His firing has led to a lull in Texas football that is driving the fans crazy.

#3: Phillip Fulmer

Phillip Fulmer is a former player, graduate assistant, assistant coach and head coach at the University of Tennessee. Knoxville runs through his veins, and he won a national championship at the school in the first-ever BCS title game. He recruited Peyton Manning away from Ole Miss, and he made T. Martin into a star. He coached so many great players there is not enough room to list them all. Firing Phillip Fulmer was a knee-jerk reaction to the resurgence of Florida and Georgia. Phillip Fulmer left Knoxville, and they have not been the same in a decade. Tennessee football may never recover, and it is all because they fired a hometown boy.

#4: Larry Coker

It is not entirely fair to blame the University of Miami for firing Larry Coker. Significant NCAA infractions were uncovered during his tenure, and the team felt as though they needed to let him go. The school moved on to other coaches who could not fit the bill, and Miami has not returned to its greatness of the early 2000s. The team won a national championship and played for another. They were in every game, and they revived the swagger found at “The U” through their winning culture. Coker’s loss still haunts Miami football.

#5: Bobby Bowden

Bobby Bowden was forced out at FSU after many years on the job because it appeared he did not have control of the team. He allowed several things to slide during his reign over the program, and winning just two national titles was not good enough for some fans. He was pushed out by the athletic department in favor of a coach they believed could save them. Jimbo Fisher came in to resurrect FSU football, and he did so with a Heisman winner, a national title and renewed prominence.

Each coach fired on this list was pushed out because the school did not believe they were measuring up. Some firings are needed due to the culture of the team. Others were wrong in every respect, and the schools are paying for their mistakes even now.